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Rooted in Lebanon for three decades plus, rooted in service, ethics, integrity and trust, ROOTS sarl provides the ultimate in garden and landscape design. Our wide variety of immediately available gardening and landscape plants married to our dedicated staff, our equipment, and our expertise are the perfect formula to meet all residential and commercial gardening requirements.

ROOTS sarl is dedicated to creating the ultimate in unique gardening and landscaping beauty. In Lebanon and other Arab countries, we work to integrate your ideas in garden design and landscape design with our expertise, staff, and experience to bring you innovative beauty to surround you where you live or where you work.

We treat each and every property as our biggest, most important gardening and landscaping client.


We offer speedy service in the following:

  • CUSTOM LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Through the services of our Landscape Design Department and the brilliant talents of our Landscape Designers... »

  • LANDSCAPE SERVICES: If we are installing your professional landscape design designed by us or by another landscape architect, at ROOTS, we... »

  • CONSTRUCTION SERVICES: Whether for a residence, a rooftop, a casino, an urban planter or a penthouse suite, once the different materials... »

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