Plant Rental

From our Furn el Chebbak Nursery, where we grow seasonal and perennial plants, small shrubs, climbers, and beautiful cut flowers in Lebanon following international quality standards, Roots Sarl can provide from the most simple to the most luxurious designs and rental plants for your weddings, media, or corporate events.

When wedding planners and event organizers want to complete the sophistication of their concepts and ideas with the beautiful plants and flowers in Lebanon, they first think of renting them from Roots Sarl. Somewhat different from the flower shops in Lebanon, Roots Sarl's design department collaborates with their clients to achieve dramatic results of great beauty.

Roots Warl plant rental includes services for all kinds of exhibitions and shows, offering assistance in rendering the exhibitor's place more attractive, more welcoming, and more alive.

Movie Directors, and Advertising Agencies also achieve their concepts by contracting with Roots Sarl to design and decorate their shooting sets.

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